A Mission Empowering Brahmins Through Education Brief History

Many in the Brahmin community today, especially in Andhra Pradesh, face dismal circumstances. Due to the reservations system, admission to higher/professional courses and employment is not easily attainable. Adding to this, the majority of Brahmin community are economically backward families who are not able to educate their children even they are academically bright. And this number is growing rapidly.

Anticipating this kind of state of affairs, 50 years ago Dr. Tummalapalli Harinarayana an eminent Physician & Surgeon by profession, with a spirit for public service, righteousness and generosity, donated his entire property and even by passed many of his own kith and kin, established “Smt.Tummalapalli Annapurnamma Students Home Trust”, in the name of his wife Smt Annapurnamma, in Vijayawada in 1946, for the benefit of poor Brahmin students. Thus the Trust was formed with the objective of helping the larger Brahmin community youth with education and good futures.

Today, a dedicated team manages the Trust a non-profit organization, to achieve the aspirations of the founder.

At present, the Trust provides residential accommodation and food to 50 underprivileged collegiate young males from under-graduate to post graduate level at no cost to them. Furthermore, identifying their aptitude and desire for learning, to date we have providing scholarships every year to the tune of 12 to 15 lakh rupees to over 500 economically challenged young ladies over the past 10 years.

The manifestation of the Trust is to empower under-privileged youngsters with education. However, more must be done. With your help and support our hope is to extend our reach to more deserving aspirants with scholarship and financial support. In so doing, you will play a hand in providing deserving youth with the opportunity to live a life of self-reliance and dignity.

We humbly solicit the patronage of benevolent people like you.

How you can help :

  1. Your Donations are kept in Fixed Deposits, where only the annual interest accrued is given out as Scholarships in your name and in financial support activities to the students.
  2. Donate a specific amount earmarked to go as Scholarship or activities to deserving student/s (chosen by you if you so desire) in your name.
  3. Become a patron of a Day – Donate $ 80- to provide special food to 50 students at the hostel (Break-fast, Lunch & Dinner) OR Donate $ 35/-to provide them one special meal on any day you choose (on the occasion of a Birth-day, Marriage anniversary or in memory of some one very dear etc.,)

All Donations to the Trust are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80(G) in India.

We appeal to all philanthropic People in India to donate liberally for this noble cause and we request them to send their Donations to Trust either by Cheque or Demand Drafts or Online Money Transfer. For further details please contact the President or Secretary or Treasurer of the Trust.

Cheques favoring Smt. Tummalapalli Annapurnamma Students Home Trust to Andhra Bank, Governorpet Branch, Vijayawada, Code: ANDB0000145 may be sent to the Office address or by transferring the amount directly to out account and send the details to the office.

We appeal to the NRI’s to contribute liberally for the cause and concern of unprivileged Brahmins. Our Honorary members (Overseas) of the Trust provide all information. Please glance at “TRUST BOARD” for their names and details. We are grateful to you if you could contact the Honorary members (Overseas) of the Trust in USA for further details.